Is Wizz

At Wizz, we strongly value our user’s safety. We want to offer the best possible experience to all our community members, in a safe and positive environment. We have set strong guidelines and will continue to work with our trusted partners on making Wizz the safest online place to meet new people.
As we want to make sure that our community members can only connect with people that are in the same age range, we are verifying every user’s age via our trusted partner Yoti. Yoti is a global digital identity and biometric technology company that provides a tool that allows us to verify people’s age via a selfie. On top of this automated system, we are manually reviewing pictures of people who are claiming that the system made a mistake while identifying their age.
In order to maximize our users’ safety, we’ve added a “Verified Account” feature that allows users to verify their accounts whenever they want. Verifying an account allows other users to know that you really are the person they can see in your profile picture thanks to a blue “verified account” badge. We are using our trusted partner Amazon Rekognition to verify our users’ accounts.
To provide an experience with no offensive content to our users, we are using a moderation technology that is allowing us to remove offensive content directly before the user receives it. That includes violent content, hate speech, sexually-oriented messages, or any type of non-suitable content for our community.
In the rare occurrence of a message not being removed by our automated moderation tool, we offer our users the opportunity to flag content they see as offensive or non-suitable. This reporting feature allows our team to manually review the flagged content and remove it if needed. This manual moderation process is also helping our automated moderation tool to make better decisions to avoid those types of content to reach our users in the future.
In case of a user has non-appropriate behavior toward other users, Wizz is entitled to ban his/her/their account from the platform. This is not a decision we like to make but we want to make sure that the vast majority of our community members that are looking for a fun and safe experience are not being negatively impacted by a few offensive users.