Community guidelines

1. Don’t do on Wizz what you wouldn’t do in the real world!

Why? We want to protect our users from people trying to scam other people by using a false identity/age.
Why? Showing your body is not ok for everyone and might be shocking. Wizz is not a place for this.
Why? Users are not on Wizz to see shocking content, they’re here for fun! Also, sharing content promoting drugs or weapons is illegal.

2. Respect other people

Why? Wizz is a place to meet new people. You don’t know who those new people are and you should respect everyone.
Why? Wizz is a safe place for everyone regardless of their gender, origins, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion… Using content that is hateful to people because of who they are is illegal on Wizz AND in real life.
Why? We are all different and everyone is welcome on Wizz! We want everybody to feel welcome here!

3. Be fun! You’ll meet a lot of great people who are the same age as you!

Why? People will be able to know you better at first glance, it build trust and you’ll have better interactions with other users!
Why? Receiving always the same first message is not super fun! Be creative and avoid “Hey” 😉
Why? As humans, we love people who are interested in who we are and what we like!